Chris & Victoria's 

Tiny Ranch

What we offer:

      The egg business is one that is split between quality and volume. On the one hand, those farms that produce volume tend to sell a lot, churning out lower-quality eggs in enormous numbers. On the other, there are farms that focus on producing eggs that they can be proud of. We are focused on establishing our egg business firmly in the latter category, selling pasture free range chicken eggs under the Chris & Victoria’s Tiny Ranch brand. As more and more restaurants and food chains pledge to buy free range chicken eggs exclusively (15 to date!), more local, free range chicken egg farms will need to pop up. In our area, there is currently none.

     We are working to reach out to local residents and restaurants about the pledge to offer free range eggs exclusively, building the Chris & Victoria’s Tiny Ranch brand around the contacts that we make in the near future. Our goal, first and foremost, is healthier chickens producing healthier chicken eggs for our customers!

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Free Range Chicken Farm
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Opening hours

​​Saturday: 8am - 1pm